Master’s Degree Programme in Leadership for Change


Dealing with Change in Complex Societies

Master’s Degree Programme in Leadership for Change is a unique combination of Administrative Sciences, Business Studies and Politics. The programme enables developing the kind of knowledge and expertise that is needed to explain and understand complex phenomena, become a visionary leader, and to change the world.

The programme prepares the graduates to work in private, public or the third sector in tasks that involve analyzing, planning and steering complex change processes which unfold at local, national, international and global levels. Students learn to carry out academic research on these phenomena, and acquire skills required for a potential academic career.

Leadership for Change students also have the opportunity to graduate from a Finnish university and a Russian university by taking a double degree.

Specialisations in the Leadership for Change programme

Whereas the joint programme studies (30 ECTS) of the degree programme are the core of the programme and focus on cross-disciplinary perspectives on leadership in complex societal processes, the specialisation-specific advanced studies (25 ECTS) enable the students to acquire in-depth theoretical, methodological and conceptual knowledge in their chosen specialisation: business, politics or public administration. The master’s thesis (40 ECTS) an individual research project that enables the student to demonstrate his/her in-depth knowledge in the chosen specialisation.

The programme offers three specialisation options:

Governance for Sustainable Change
Politics in Wider Europe
Sustainable Business Management

Students graduate from three different degrees according to their specialisation.


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Admission period for the 2018 admission is closed. For more information on the admission and the programme please see the Admissions website.

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Terhi Nieminen
Coordinator of International Education
email: (at)

Julia Bethwaite
Academic Coordinator
email: julia.bethwaite (at)

Malla Mattila
Academic Coordinator, University Instructor
e-mail: malla.mattila (at)

Anni Kangas
Academic Director of the LFC programme
University Lecturer in International Relations
Responsible teacher for the Specialisation in Politics in Wider Europe

Johanna Kujala, Professor
Responsible teacher for the Specialisation in Sustainable Business Management

Harri Laihonen,
Research Director
Responsible teacher for the Specialisation in Governance for Sustainable Change

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