Master’s Degree Programme in Human-Technology Interaction


Master’s Programme in Human-Technology Interaction (HTI) offers an exceptionally broad set of studies in human-technology interaction and related fields. In the HTI studies, you will get up to date know-how on digital service design, usability engineering and user-centric software production, multimodal and multisensory human-computer interaction with vision, interfaces based on speech, gaze, haptics, gestures and physiology as well as on interface solutions for virtual reality, industrial tasks, human-robot interaction, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.

In a broader context, you will learn how technology affects people’s lives and how to design efficient and engaging digital services. The programme leads you to scientific thinking and writing as well as to hands-on work in various course projects.

There are many job opportunities to choose from after graduation, such user interface developer in different industrial sectors, user experience and interaction designer of new digital services and products, and usability and customer experience specialist. Career opportunities are excellent, and human-technology interaction specialists are highly appreciated by industry.

The master programme has a direct link to research carried out by TAUCHI, Tampere Unit for Computer-Human Interaction. TAUCHI is a research center focusing on human–technology interaction. It carries out a wide range of multidisciplinary research into technology-mediated novel ways of multimodal interaction with devices, environments and people. TAUCHI explores and develops better and more intuitive user interfaces for the future. It harmonizes the potential of new technologies with human abilities, needs, and limitations.

TAUCHI expertise covers new technologies such as smart objects and environments, gestural interfaces, gaze tracking, haptics, mixed reality, computer vision, speech-, context- or emotion-based interaction, virtual avatars, user experience and usability.

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Application for the 2019 intake  will start on 4th December. For further information, please see Admissions web page.

Study Planning and Guidance

Curriculum guide

Teaching schedule 2018-2019

More programme information can be found in the HTI portal.


Head of the programme
Professor Markku Turunen

Study coordinator Raisa Suominen