Master’s Degree Programme in Digital Literacy Education


The focus of the programme is on developing expertise in the new discipline of media education. The programme is formerly know as Master’s Degree Programme in Media Education. The discipline is formed by the linking of media literacy to information and communication technology in learning, media use and critical thinking in media saturated societies. The programme develops students’ expertise in tutoring the development of conceptual awareness and practical skills that are necessary for competence in reading and writing media, and in creating suitable learning environments in various contexts.

The programme and research support the current research priorities of its home, Faculty of Communication Sciences, especially from the perspectives of audiencing and priorities. Collaboration partner of the programme is the Faculty of Education, which contributes to the programme the perspective of pedagogies in mediated learning environments.

The programme benefits broadly from current media and educational studies, especially audience studies, media literacies, education, studies in learning environments and information technologies in education, intercultural education, educational leadership, media management and studies in media culture, theatre and drama.

Further Information

Information about applying on the admissions website. Next intake in 2019.

Study planning and guidance

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Contacts and Further Information
Sirkku Kotilainen
Professor in Media Education
Faculty of Communication Sciences

Reijo Kupiainen
University Lecturer
Faculty of Education

Ms Anna Vähämäki
Coordinator of International Education