Master’s Degree Programme in Cultural Studies


The aim of the Master’s Degree in Cultural Studies is to develop understanding of culture as a dimension of all human practices that produces and defines social realities. The degree program introduces students to contemporary key issues in cultural studies and develops analytical and critical skills in analyzing current cultural phenomena.

The multidisciplinary degree is taught by specialists from fields of cultural studies, media studies, music studies and theatre studies. The degree offers an alternative approach to contemporary cultural practices with an emphasis on mobility, transnationalism, performativity and cultural action.

The focus of the degree is in contemporary socio-cultural realities. It explores a world in which different forms of mobilities, crossings of customary borders (e.g. between nation states, economy, politics and culture or forms of expression) and new hybrids produce new cultural articulations and practices.

The degree offers a comprehensive overview of current and emergent cultural realities and theories as well as practical tools for analyzing present-day cultural phenomena.During the programme students are continuously challenged to develop their thinking, writing and project management skills in co-operative, pedagogical and creative ways.

Further Information

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Study planning and guidance


Director of the Programme
Hanna Suutela
Professor in Theatre and Drama Research

Tarja Rautiainen-Keskustalo
Professor in Music Studies

Mikko Lehtonen
Professor in Media Culture

Anna Vähämäki
Coordinator of International Education