Doctoral Programme in Literary Studies


The Doctoral Programme in Literary Studies offers doctoral studies in Finnish Literature and Comparative Literature. Students may major in Comparative Literature regardless of the language area of their interest.

The programme’s focus is on studying the historical continuum of literature, current forms of Finnish and international literature, and literary phenomena as a part of the field of arts and culture. In literary history, there is a special emphasis on examining the defining characteristics of Finnish literature in relation to national and international culture and literary tradition. The programme also emphasises textuality, general and descriptive poetics, the development of concepts in relation to other disciplines, and the various intersections of literature, language and philosophy. The programme’s faculty members participate actively in international discussion on narrative theory, which helps provide methodological tools for other disciplines studying texts both in the humanities and social sciences.

Research conducted in the programme in the above-mentioned fields is at the cutting edge in Finland, and it enjoys wide recognition internationally. It is therefore an attractive option for students coming from other universities.

Published doctoral dissertations:

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