Doctoral Programme in Information Studies and Interactive Media


The aim of this doctoral programme is to prepare students for operations in the specialised fields of information and interactive media research. Research in Information studies focuses on the ways in which information is acquired, managed and used under different circumstances, and the organisation, mediation and storage of information. Studies develop concepts, methods and systems that enable information to be easily accessible and understandable to those who need it. The key research areas are information retrieval, information and media practices, and information and records management. The key areas of research in interactive media are the analysis of media change and its possibilities, the questions of new media design and implementation, the cultures of use, and interactive media as part of society. Internet research, game studies, research into an open information society and questions on the research and design of social media services are also priorities in the field of interactive media. Postgraduate studies are becoming more in demand as the information and media professions and research and development continue to evolve.

The doctoral education is supported by domestically and internationally recognised high standards research carried out in the TRIM research centre. The doctoral programme enjoys a close connection with the the research projects carried out in the research groups of the TRIM research centre. Research evaluations have repeatedly assessed the level of research in information studies at the University of Tampere as very high and internationally visible.

The doctoral programme in Information studies and interactive media provides an ability to study, analyse and design various aspects of new information and communication technologies,; the programme is closely linked with the research on the human-technology interaction as outlined in the University’s strategy. It also clearly connects with the University’s strategic outlines on researching important and topical social phenomena, and supporting pioneering and multidisciplinary approaches in research.

Published doctoral dissertations in Information Studies and Interactive Media.

Further Information

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