Degree Programme in Social Work


Social work is a subject in social sciences concerned with issues of welfare among individuals and groups, social problem situations and the related change processes. Studies in social work combine aspects from the social and behavioural sciences in order to understand and alleviate inequality and the problems of individuals and society pertaining to interaction. In teaching and research there is collaboration with the degree programmes in psychology, logopedics, and social sciences, among others. The Degree Programme in Social Work implements the Strategy of the University of Tampere by educating people who understand the world and change it.

Education in social work can look back on a long history at the University of Tampere. The education equips experts for social worker tasks and for administrative, development, research and teaching tasks in the social field and more widely in society, including international tasks. Social work professionals work largely in the public sector in tasks in social and health care and in multi-professional networks: with children, families, adults and elderly people. Changes in the service system and an internationalizing world constantly confront social work with new challenges and new prospects.

Social work is offered as a major subject in which it is possible to take the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and also postgraduate studies.

Social work is an old subject of study at the University of Tampere, having been offered as a major subject for the Master’s degree ever since the 1970s. Before that, ever since the 1940s, social work could be studied at what was known as the civic college, later the University of Tampere, as the institution was subsequently renamed. Until 2009 teaching and research in Social work, Social pedagogy and Youth work came under the Department of Social Policy and Social Work, and between 2009 and 2010 these three disciplines formed the Department of Social Work Research. Since January 2017 Social Work is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences (SOC).

The majority of teaching is in Finnish, but the programme offers some of the courses in English. Information about the courses in English can be found in the Teaching Schedules.


The staff and premises of Social work are located at the Linna Building (visiting adress Kalevantie 5).

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